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Ah, Nudity! Beautiful nudity!

Our MOO has an extensive system of nakedness. You may describe individual body parts or groups of them.

(By default, to avoid newbie embarassment, your nude messages are left blank. You are encouraged to describe these areas and then create clothing to cover them)

Nudity messages are functionally just like any other message. Each has the prefix of "naked_". You set them in the format:

@<message-name> <object> is <new-message>

For example:

@naked_throat Me is "Her throat is pale white, unblemished save for two tiny marks over the jugular."

You could cover this with a scarf if you didn't want those little marks to be seen.

Alternately, you could use the @my syntax to set a message. For example: @my naked_throat is "A small purple bruise is visible just under his jaw."

Issuing the @nudity command will display all the parts you have described, and all those you have not, in addition to the grouped areas you may want to use as shortcuts to describing individual areas.

Remember: Your body is nothing to be ashamed of! Get nekkid!