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The Gist Order was founded in the last decade of the twentieth century. A group of like-minded individuals, driven by the turbulent socioeconomic trends of the time, banded together to ensure their survival and the protection of their local community. The naming of the group came from a band that the founders belonged to in New York City, Gist. Taking the name of their first album, Torched, they came up with a symbol for their new brotherhood - a blazing torch. The group was primarily composed of former military members at first, those who had too much patriotism to 'sell out' and join a mega-corporation's security team. Banding together, they provided protection to their local community in return for the bare minimums they needed to survive.

Following the destruction of New York City, the band split up for the most part. From time to time, a few members surface in a town, providing the local businesspeople with protection before asking for monetary support. The Gist Order works like the standard racketeering outfit, only payments come after services rendered, and the Order prides themselves on their honesty. Unlike the traditional groups that operate under similar schemes, such as the Triad, the Yakuza, or the Mafia, the Gist Order's membership comes from a variety of races, creeds, and backgrounds. The only common thread is a desire to place the community first, and a sense of justice in these troubled times.