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For the ease and comfort of professionals on the field, small time players as well as mega-corporations of CyberSphere have developed and marketed several implants allowing those who are on special medical care, but still need to carry their normal lives to have certain drugs injected into their blood-stream without the inconvenience of going to the bathroom to plunge a syringe in their veins.

Adrenaline Control Modules

Although almost extinct and mainly replaced by their improved successor - the cartridge pumps - these implants deliver adrenaline to the user's system. ACM's are generally used to enhance combat performance, although lazier adrenaline junkies may use them as a substitute for sky-diving and the like. Severe side-effects are possible, for instance over-use may cause cardiac arrest.

Cartridge Pumps

The successor of the ACM - an advanced internal pump operating with interchangeable cartridges - capable to deliver different drugs. Most versatile of the pump systems, these accept a cartridge loaded with any liquid drug the user can obtain. Using those doesn't really take away from the time critical joy of combat when in need of that slight edge.

Blood Filtration Modules

These high-capacity, reverse-osmosis, micro-filters - when activated - selectively eliminate toxins from the blood-stream. Widely used by paranoid corporate executives when traveling to exotic destinations with questionable food quality control, as well as junkies who need to show a clean result on their pre-employment screening drug test.

Endorphin Units

Many solos would one day be put in a position of having to fight their way through a large number of hostiles - so they turn to this implant developed for the military. The Endorphin triggers are automatically activated by injury, and rapidly dump endorphins into the body system to prevent traumatic shock and loss of consciousness, thus keeping you firing that gun even when your other arm is completely separated from the body.