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"My ammunition is guaranteed to provide maximum organ liquification."

You can assemble a cyberdeck blindfolded and field-strip a Steyr AUG-LA rifle in your sleep. Spare parts and half-built circuit boards cover every square centimeter of your rental coffin. You've read every hypermag on this year's line of urban assault gear, and what you haven't learned in the manuals, you picked up on the street. Hotwiring a bike? Rebuilding a slagged aircar? Disarming a landmine? No problem. Well, two out of three isn't bad...

You're the go-to guy a solo's gun jams, a samurai's bike gets trashed, or a cyberdeck gets fried. You're a techie.

Cybersphere's world of the future is a fast-forward blur of competing technologies and pocket-sized supercomputers. In this world, the techies are on the cutting Edge, working magic with almost-obselete gear and deciphering the secrets of corporate black boxes.