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During the economical and labour issues following dwindling populations after the events of Zero Day and the NAS plague sweeping the globe, a corporate consortium came together to create the framework for a manufactured person that could meet their needs as both a members of a manual labour force and as consumers.

This framework outlined the limitations for a genetically engineered sub-set of humanity that could be be of equivalent strength and durability as a normal person in order to withstand low level manual labour requirements while being of limited intelligence so as not to step outside of the physiological or neurological bounds for manufactured persons imposed by the Turing Commission.

The Cromag is the result. A throwback term used for a group of simpler early modern humans.

Local corporations will work in partnership to sponsor the manufacture of Cromags using existing cloning methods, but with restrictions including using a neural imprint with the present day equivalent of the village idiot. They are often found in major population centres where they work as wage slaves, mass consumers, and walking advertisements for their local sponsors products and services.