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Genetic flukes, horrible experiments gone awry, unfortunate accidents and exposure to fallout often lead to divergent DNA and mutations. The unfortunate recipients of these 'gifts' are referred to as mutants, regardless of where or why they possess the powers they do. More often than not, mutations manifest in the form of natural weaponry, including tails, claws, and in some cases, long, whip-like tongues and fangs. However, they aren't limited to only killing. Some mutants have the ability to wake from near-dead states, and even others have the ability to re-grow body parts, and purge their bodies of foreign toxins. While no mutant is exactly alike, the majority of mutants that appear in New Carthage's streets share a number of characteristics. Predominantly, a gross lack of empathy, and an allergic reaction to the presence of implants.

New Carthage itself has seen the rise and fall of many mutants, some more outspoken than others, such as the fearsome Chubbah, a mutant who was said to have claws and a thick, armored shell over the entirety of his body, and the estranged 'Uncle' Montgomery, who does nothing to hide the large spikes growing from his body, or his insatiable cocaine habit. While there are mutants who wish nothing to do with fighting and harming others, it is sadly them who you do not hear about, as often times they stick to the shadows of Old City, or the labyrinth that is the New Carthage Sewer System.

While very little information about any organized mutant organization exists, they do tend to follow trends of normal New Carthage denizens, such as running package deliveries, and even joining up with the Mafia and Yakuza, as well as seeking out jobs that put them in dangerous, often deadly situations. Due to the low cost of illegal black-market clones and the raw power that most mutants bring to the table, they often make for cheap, expendable labor where a high-class solo might require a retainer for his gear or implants. The downside being that, while still a rarity, the mixture of low-quality cloning facilities and the simple fact that most mutants die more frequently, due to their predisposition to combat and danger, put them at a much greater risk for clone failure.

Rumor also has it that somewhere either in New Carthage, or in the surrounding areas, lies a facility or object that can potentially allow a mutant to gain new abilities and advantages, though as of yet no such place has been documented, or made public.

Mutant Abilities

Mutant abilities have to be selected in chargen. You will have a set number of points in your ability pool to purchase these abilities. Each ability has a different cost associated with it and by mixing and matching you will be able to select the mutant abilities that fit your character. The abilities are as follows.