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Newbie Guide to Character Generation (v1)

Last Updated: 4/27/07 by Solomon

This guide will give you some insight on surviving in the city of New Carthage. Please bare in mind that there is no RIGHT answer when asked the question about surviving in the game, and what works for one person will not always work for another.

Character Generation (Chargen) This is the first step to creating a survivable character in the game. Before you begin to choose your stats you should have a pretty solid idea of who you want to be in the game. For example, if you plan on being a government decker then in most cases you would put all related SP into the corresponding skill/stat. For those who are new to the game, regardless of whether you are in Advanced or Standard chargen, the key to making a solid character is reading up on what stats are needed for what skills and putting your puts primarily into them. If your character is pilot and that skill requires dexterity, intelligence, and agility, why would not put your points into willpower and endurance? What many fail to realize is that chargen is often a balancing act that requires the player to have some notation of what they want their character to be. Just like with any game, there will always be strengths and weaknesses to choosing certain skill sets, but it is up to you to determine what works best for you and how you will overcome the weakness.

For more information, please be sure to visit the [CharGenGuide].

Tip: Read the stats ("help stats" in game) and skills ("help skills" in game) help files to get a list of the skills, stats, and their descriptions.

After Character Generation (Chargen) Before you DO ANYTHING in the game world, please understand that Cybersphere is a VERY dangerous place. Having a clone is ESSENTIAL to the survival of ANY character in the game. BEFORE you explore, fight, or at times even attempt to interact in the game world, it is best that you have a clone.

Here is a list of tips that every player should understand when leaving chargen:

   1 - Make SURE you purchase a clone as soon as possible (if you did not select one during Advanced chargen). Death is likely to occur in the opening stages of game play, so it is best to be prepared. Having a clone can be the difference between spending a lot of wasted time and effort on your character application and keeping your character around for years on end.
   2 - ALL actions have consequences. The staff has taken great strides in creating a dynamic, realistic world for the players. Everything from the laws to player-interactions can have a direct affect on your character.
   3 - Character death is a learning experience. Sometimes it is good for players to have their characters die a couple times to give them insight on how Cybersphere works. There will always be things that guides and tutorials will fail to mention, so it is best for players to learn by experience and to be patient. 

Role Playing This is essential to surviving in Cybersphere. If you do not have the ability to role play, then you are going to have a hard time surviving in a world that revolves around it. In order to be successful, you must understand what your character brings to the game and have some idea of his/her goal. Is it money? Is it success? Is it to have a bar one day? These are things that should effect how you role play in the environment.

   Personality - Your character should have a personality and style that makes him/her dynamic to the game. Stay away from clichés like: loner solo, rich decker, or arrogant corpie. Life is not that simple, so neither should your character.
   Jargon / Slang - Each character type has its own way of speaking and communicating. It is best for you to figure out how your character will speak because in the end your character's personality will affect the friends and enemies he/she will make.
   Style - This is what makes your character live on in CS history. Uses emotes, clothing, descriptions, and role playing to your advantage; but, make it your own. Indeed imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that does not mean you can't have your own style.
   Plots - This is what gives the game life. There will not always be an admin around to run large, moo-wide plots, so pass the time by making smaller stories for your character to take part of. Everyone has a story, what is yours?

The Environment Each community in the game has its own personality. It becomes quite difficult to make a guide such as this because the information that could potentially be in the guide borders that in which should be learned icly (or through in character means) and what should be out of character knowledge. However, understanding which communities in the game will be more accepting of your character will take you a long way in surviving. Sometimes all it takes is common sense. If you are a government official chances are you will not get along too well with the local crime lord. Through experience, learn where your character fits in the game world and where he/she belongs.

   Urban City Life - The urban sector of New Carthage (west of the Money Wall) is gritty and fast. In most cases, in order to make a survivable character for this part of town, he/she needs to be smart enough to not let the elements of the streets eat them alive. This could be done in a number of ways and does not always take combat skills/stats. For a mental picture, imagine living in the worse ghetto in the United States. The people who survive are not always those with the biggest gun, but those with the greatest sense of street smarts.
   Corporate Life - The corporate sector of New Carthage (east of the Money Wall) is your typical corporate metropolis. Most of the citizens that live there are members of the business world that serve the needs of the mega-corporations. Characters that live here can be both criminal and legit, but the way they are played usually operates more within the borders of business world and not of ghetto. Each community has their own unwritten rules and obviously the credo of a gang member is not the same as the one for a corporate executive—even if their intentions are ultimately the same.

Exploring Treat this like you would in real life. You would not go explore a radioactive power plant or go wander off into the desert by yourself, so why do it on CS? We all get curious, but sometimes that curiosity can be the reason why a character wakes up in a vat one day. If you want to explore, find out in character (IC) ways to do so, without sacrificing it all.

Read, Learn, Ask Questions, Find Out for Yourself It is ok to ask questions, but sometimes you just have to find out things for yourself. There are people who have played CS for years who still do not know everything, so do not expect to learn the ends-and-outs of the game right away, just like riding a bike, being independent takes time and there is no doubt that you will fall at least one time.