How To Maybe Not Die On Day One Of A Plot

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How To Maybe Not Die On Day One Of A Plot

Post by Solidus » Thu May 23, 2019 6:45 pm

I'd like to share some thoughts and strategies that you might consider as you move forward through the various plots that are currently going on in our game. Some of the things going on are big and will have far reaching consequences for our world and the corps, groups, gangs, and individuals in it. In an effort to increase everyone's potential enjoyment, please consider the following (within the confines of your characters IC abilities, experiences, and motivations):

I. Remember that New Carthage is teeming with people of all kinds. There aren't many safe spaces on the Earth these days that can support life. As such, metropolitan areas are highly populated:

1) Even if you are alone in an area with no ahabs, if it makes sense that there are people there, then assume that there are. An example? If you are the only person standing on the street corner of Hitachi and High, but no players or ahabs are present, remember: You Are Not Alone. The streets are always busy in our city.

2) Surveillance is omni-present and you can never know who's on the other side of the camera watching you. Complants, radios, and cellphones pass through corporate channels..with all that entails and implies. Items, vehicles, and buildings have owners. Sometimes, those owners can track their stuff down.

3) While players represent the protagonists and 'persons of interest' in our story, you aren't necessarily the biggest fish in the pond. Some NPCs, corporations and gangs are very powerful and have vast resources. They will react accordingly when threatened, lied to, stolen from, or insulted.

II. Strategies and Considerations When Involved In A Plot, or, How To Maybe Not Die On Day One And Incur The Wrath of Multi-National Corporations or Crime Syndicates

1) Conflict is King. Conflict drives our game. Conflict, in the form of player death and the constant need to recover and rebuild or get stronger to avoid such a fate, drives our economy and the hunger for credits. Conflict for resources and power drives the corporations. Conflict doesn't always mean just red text and death. Embrace the idea that much of the game and relationships of the groups in it are driven by conflict over resources and power. Conflict creates chaos, which in turn, creates opportunity. Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Conflict and opportunity produce our stories. You may die, but usually there is a way to recoup or even redouble if the death isn't attributed to your direct actions. Consider, however, that if you incur loss because of your actions (like attacking a vehicle/person/corporate/plot asset unprovoked, as has happened for no other reason than a player wanted to have a giggle), that you did so as a direct consequence of those actions. In fact, you should expect to.

2) Consider the angles. There are multiple solutions to problems. Cleverness, within the confines of our rules and theme, will be rewarded. If there is a tactical problem in front of you, consider that there is more than one solution to any given problem. It doesn't have to always be an all-out assault. Consider strategy, or bargaining, or going around obstacles. If you're dealing with groups or corporations with history (or actions in the news), consider that history. Find out who that group is aligned with, perhaps. Maybe consider who owns the building you're about to do something in or brought something in to.

3) Plots are collaborative. They don't work without administrators running them and players playing them. If you're stuck or want to discuss an avenue of approach, ask an administrator. If they aren't the one running the plot, they will direct you to who is. That administrator may be open to your idea/avenue of approach. They may not, depending on the IC circumstances of what is going on. Some players recently reached out regarding an approach on a problem in a plot and I'd like to encourage the practice. Consider, a plot may change because of your actions. Even something as simple as telling another player/character about something ICly via complant that you shouldn't have.

4) Rewards aren't necessarily material. Don't assume there is a pot of gold at the end of every plot rainbow. Sometimes, the story and interaction itself is the 'reward'. Consider, that if you pull something off cool in a plot, that it adds to your characters "rep" or "glory".

5) Telling everyone OOCly whats going on can really take the fun out of stuff for the other players and administrators involved. Consider, a more strict adherence to our OOC/IC crossover policies. Maybe don't try to involve every one of your OOC buddies in something that maybe just makes sense for your specific character to be involved in because of their IC history. Consider that not adhering to those standards can cheapen your character and damage the plot experience for yourself and others. Consider, for a moment, the scale of events. If New Carthage is facing an existential threat, or, your character is involved in something much bigger than themselves, how might that effect their interpersonal relationships? Would they -want- to involve others in potentially catastrophic things? Would their love spat with Porkboy really matter? Is your character a trusted member of the black market? A hard-boiled and trained killer? Or a rat who can't keep their pants on and their mouth shut?

If you keep these ideas in your mind as you play and interact with plot-driven narratives, you will likely find it more successful and rewarding.

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Re: How To Maybe Not Die On Day One Of A Plot

Post by OmegaRed » Mon May 27, 2019 5:36 pm

Amen. Thanks Solidus, I couldn't agree more. I don't know if this is the place or not, but I've noticed a disturbing trend of players who see a plot...or anything they don't understand...and just bunker down in hopes of "this too shall pass" instead of embracing it and having fun.

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Re: How To Maybe Not Die On Day One Of A Plot

Post by Prometheus » Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:28 pm

You let us know how we can help, and will do our best. :mrgreen:

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Re: How To Maybe Not Die On Day One Of A Plot

Post by jlaughter001 » Wed May 05, 2021 12:22 am

Holy shit, this game is alive? And...Solidus? You're ALIVE?

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