We Need to Address OOC Bleed in CS

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We Need to Address OOC Bleed in CS

Post by TalonCzar » Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:19 am

Hey all,

Just popping a quick thread up here about this. Past few weeks I've been seeing a hell of a lot of OOC bleed related posts on the BBS. Without going into details, I caught up on my reading this morning and I see even more in the form of 'COVID-19' meta-commentary which I think was intended as some kind of parody about not wearing masks, not wearing masks correctly, vaccination, etc.

Speaking personally here, I find this extremely off-putting. I've had direct family members who've died of COViD-19. The attempts at humor aren't just extremely tasteless bleed, it's inserting OOC bullshit politics into a game where it's not in any way relevant. I'd also point out that it's just flat-out not 'roleplaying' to make japes about OOC current events.

Please stop.

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Re: We Need to Address OOC Bleed in CS

Post by the_dweez » Sun Oct 24, 2021 1:04 pm

Just to add a counter point.

I have laughed my ass off at "meta" jokes about COVID19. If it makes you laugh it makes you laugh, if it doesn't that is no crime. Dark humor, the kind I enjoy the most, is even more so. As Cybersphere AND Cyberpunk in general has always been a meta-commentary on our society no one should be shamed for such humor.

I am not the only person who plays the game, I am not the sole arbitor of what is and is not Cyberpunk, and I am certainly not representative of anyone's sense of humor other than myself.

And that is my point. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is worth only as much as the next person's opinion, which means, practically nothing.

Stay safe everyone.

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Re: We Need to Address OOC Bleed in CS

Post by Timegrinder » Sun Oct 24, 2021 2:36 pm

This is in fact an issue we as administrators have repeatedly told people not to do. Do not bring real world bullshit into the game if it's not actually part of our lore or history.

This does not however completely restrict a translation of some real world events into the game. It has to have a very thick veneer of Cybersphere on it, terms need to be changed completely but be enough of a reference that people will understand if they bother to think about it.

Usually it's been miscellaneous real world events, memes or pop culture. None of which was okay to begin with. Do something original, stop cloning the real world wholesale because news flash:

This is not reality.
It never was.
It never will be.
People come here to escape reality.

This specific issue is within the scope of 'Stop bringing real world shit into the game' because people can't be original -- this topic is an entirely new beast on a scale of which we haven't had to deal with since September 11 2001

Having said that - general personal issues with things going on in the game (outside of the specified rules) are unfortunately things people just have to deal with.

I'm not saying this specific issue is 'suck it up', I'm saying this is an example of a topic that shouldn't be wantonly dragged into Cybersphere for the purposes of shits and giggles. If you want shits and giggles - go play fetch with one of Mortius' weird-ass pet dog things.

The occasional cheap reference is generally acceptable, overdoing it however is not.

If I have to pay special attention to any player or players getting out of control with this I will personally put my cyberfoot so far up your arse that your clone will decant with the taste of chrome in their mouth.
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