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Rules Reminder

Post by Pennywise » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:00 am

We had this under control for a minute, but I feel that it bears repeating, as it seems to be an issue that's on the rise again.

5B. Roleplaying in a group or gang
Groups, gangs, and cartels are an important part of roleplay on Cybersphere. In all cases, groups must practice inclusive roleplay that allows as many participants and rivals as possible. Groups that are coordinated using OOC agreements between players (between RL friends, for instance) must be based on roleplaying that includes others outside the OOC circle of players. Groups that excessively use OOC agreements and coordination between player participants in place of roleplaying ("Clans") will not be tolerated.

This includes pinging players who have not been active for months because you want "backup" during plots, fights, etc.

You accepted these rules when you first logged on. We expect you to abide by them.

Thank you.

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