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Website style changes

Post by Timegrinder » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:43 pm

Hello everyone,

There's been a few style updates to the website, most of them are minor and cosmetic.

Some however might alter the way you're used to reading articles and pages (They now appear in a restricted box with a scrollbar instead of being full page). You may find some pages look 'cut off' if you don't notice the scroll bar, for example.

If you find any issues (things out of place, overlapping, etc), or people find that the old scroll way was better (ie, give your opinions if you use it) then please let us know and I'll swap some things back if its considered overall to be better the way it used to be.

If however you have OTHER style suggestions (or issues to point out) for the website, please also give those. Stupid suggestions will get a beating, bad suggestions will make you feel bad for being bad, good suggestions will get... implemented.
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