Drugs are great, mmkay?

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Drugs are great, mmkay?

Post by Necaladun » Sat Nov 05, 2022 1:28 pm

At the booth, Caleb says, "I mean, I could do counselling if you want. I read a bit about Freud."
At booth, Vlad [to Caleb]: oh shit! Okey, I like.
At booth, Caleb [to Vlad]: So like, that shrieker? It represents your penis. And by shoving it into people, you like, relenting sexual tension. You wanna stab [Redcated] because she reminds you of your mother.
Vlad closes his eyes and takes a deep drag from his viper.
Vlad hands you a viper.
At the booth, Vlad says, "Fuck..."
You close your eyes and take a deep drag from the viper, letting the smoke from the dreamweed fill your lungs.
You dispose of the viper as it burns itself out.
At the booth, Vlad says, "That is deep."
At the booth, Caleb nods repeatedly, "Now, Freud also had a solution for all this. You gotta like, do a shitload of cocaine."

....10 minutes later

Vlad gets out his synth-cocaine vial.
You lift the vial to your nose and snort some of the powder.
Vlad [to Toten]: THREE
Vlad says, "TWO"
Vlad says, "ONE"
Vlad lifts a small vial to his nose and snorts some of the powder.
You lift the vial to your nose and snort some of the powder.
A sharp pain stabs at your heart. You grab your chest while falling to your knees, unable to control your rapid heart spasms.
The pain in your heart is excruciating as it beats faster and faster. Worn out from the exertion, it stops.
You feel the entire world fading to black, and a low humming sounds in your ears...
Caleb's body erupts into an exploding fireball of shrapnel and flesh as his used Meltdown Implant Bomb detonates!

The moral of the story is that cocaine and meltdown bombs are fucking hilarious.

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Re: Drugs are great, mmkay?

Post by Enven » Sat Nov 05, 2022 1:48 pm

I still really, *really* want an explanation on what variety of shenanigans results in a 'used' Meltdown bomb. That... Kind of defeats the point.

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Re: Drugs are great, mmkay?

Post by Kunoichi » Sat Nov 05, 2022 1:54 pm

The answer is anarchy.

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