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Halloween Killboards!

Post by Timegrinder » Fri Nov 04, 2022 2:46 am

Hey all!

I unfortunately only cobbled this together after Halloween started so there's probably a good 4-6 hours missing from the start of the night, but the killboard tallies are in.

Please take these as OOC as they are, since the day didn't exist, they're only here for shits and giggles. They are sorted by character only, so any time someone permadied they started again.

First up, we have knockouts. Top 10 brain-trauma sufferers!

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Inari	    6
Audrey	    7
Briteny	    7
Caleb	    7
Maize 	    7
Marco	    7
Mio	    7
Omenn	    7
2nd place goes to: Irisss with 12 KO's (The extra sss's are because they started slurring their name)

Head trauma winner of Halloween:

BLAKE with 14!

Next up: Critical hits (with gib counter!)

Critical hits received:

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Arya	    6
Caleb	    6
Gunny	    7
Hymn	    7
Mio	    7
Cecilia	    8
Reign	    8
Willie	    8
The top two gluttons for punishment are:

Carnage (with 15)
Blake (with 18. 18 is way too many.)

Top crit givers:

Code: Select all

Mio	     6
Gunny	     7
Maize	     7
Ali	     8
Kotus        8
Nils	    14
Blake	    15
fire	    15
Tiny In second place with 17! (Most of his crits were because he's overdue for that hose down)

Top critical hitter? The best kind of fire.

NAPALM with 18!

What were the top body parts lost? (Other than zombie heads)

Code: Select all

head	           6
PR clonechip	   8  (Why were you cowards cloning at PR on Halloween?)
left thigh	   9
right thigh	   9
Complant	  10  (Most violent way to tell someone to shut up)
left calf	  10
chest     	  12
Boy, people really were getting legless that day.

Second place goes to:

Shot through the heart! (14)
Do you think that's air you're breathing? LUNGS! For 22.

Now down to the nitty gritty (or is it blood and guts?)

Most kills, deaths and permakills awards:


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Briteny	                             6
Internal Trauma	                     6
Maize	                             7
Traffic                              7
IO Restricted Nanite-D-Amphetamine   8
Suicide	                            11
Zombie Implant	                    12
Cyanide Poisoning                   13
IO HELIOS-1 Satellite	            15
Blood Loss	                    24
You people are not only suicidal, but you're also WAY too interested in drugs and can't even operate a tourniquet properly!

The following people liked dying too much, or they just kept walking into gunfire, or... I don't know, I think it's obvious at this point in the post I'm wearing myself out.

Code: Select all

Audrey	       6
Carnage	       6
Broly	       7
Caleb	       7
Easy	       7
Kujou	       7
Briteny	       8
Omenn	       8
Blake	      11
Mio	      16
Maybe they just like the sight of their own corpse?

Halloween's most deadliest locations! (The street's are whole streets, not just one square -- Except that ONE SPOT)

Code: Select all

IO HELIOS-1 Satellite	         5
Access Tunnel Checkpoint         6
Hitachi / High Intersection      6
PR Clone Vault	                 6
Fuji / High Intersection	10
South Hitachi 	                10
Midtown Drive 	                11
Fuji Boulevard 	                13
The Syndrome	                16
High Street (Outside Syn)	53
Last but not least we have the most killiest of killers with the top permakill counts:

Code: Select all

Briteny, Caleb and Easy       	 1
Blacklight 90's turret	         1
Ali	                         2
Suicide	                         2
Traffic	                         2
Blood Loss	                 3
Cyanide Poisoning	         3
Zombie Implant	                 5
Holy shit you people liked dying by your own hands, or putting weird shit in your bodies you really shouldn't have (you sicko's).

That's that, I'd say there's more but that would be a lie.
define: 'favourable outcome'

They all die

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