Is cyberpunk still cyber or even punk?

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Is cyberpunk still cyber or even punk?

Post by HackXIt » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:23 pm

[Long post, philosophy incoming]

Exciting title I know, good for me if it made you click.
What exactly is it though with us and clicking?

In the last 2 years I've encountered some experiences that were very odd. Virtual reality got its deserved hype and attention, Augmented reality is becoming a thing. That's one point for technology.
But what is it really that's happening here? The more I thought about the evolving world around me, the more I realized how much of a sphere it became. Each and every day feels like another poke at what usually was actually a fantasy world of mine.

People change with technology. Life's a tragedy after all, inevitably ending in death, so why bother. Just ignore the majority through screens, filters and emoji's.
I could describe this change with the ongoing flip of attention. Cyberpunk was actually a thing from the 80'ies or even earlier then that when you read certain literature. Nonetheless we see a revive in this retro-genre.

Series like Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Altered Carbon. Movies like Ghost in the Shell (the revisioned one), Dredd and many more.
What are they really showing? To me it's reflection, like many things in life.
I believe society is undergoing a change. Let's rephrase that. Our culture is changing.

How unreal are our fantasies? We play in a world of cyber enhancements, biological implants, virtual and augmented reality, DNA and Body cloning. Four of these things now already exist to some degree in our actual world. The last two are actually being developed.
So what is it that we're playing? It's becoming a reality after all. We are inside an alternation and improvisation of now real occurring developments.

But I obviously know that the list is longer than that, AV's ain't that much of a thing yet for example and might not be that soon cause physics and natural resources.

My point however is, that the fictional reality we're playing today is in need of new cyberization.
There currently is a subjective rise in cyberpunk culture, according to movies, series, games. But they all play the same thing, which from my perspective is becoming more and more the real thing.
So aren't we in need to refiction our world? Shouldn't we, the front soldiers (being cyberpunkers), develop new ideas on how the world is going to evolve?

Take virtual reality for example. In five years, you're gonna see people sitting in the subway, having their Googles on and dozen off in their VR environment. Maybe darken the scene. In ten years you're not gonna have subways anymore because people work in Virtual reality and such real-life transportation are outdated.

That's just one exaggerated example and not very scientific.
But reality certainly will undergo similar changes, be they dramatic or not. And it certainly is going to be a real strong cyber-cocktail.

So what should we make out of that? I believe that it's time that we think about new fictions of cyberpunk nature, that see the current reality as a past and build new ideas on top of that.

What will actually be a thing in 2050?
Maybe hyperreality, dimension hopping or else. Maybe it will become normal to gen modify. Maybe humans will rethink their path on AI and start creating new biological life on other planets. Maybe they will develop extreme AI and that AI brings them even more extreme improvements.

Transcendence is a great movie on the AI topic if you ask me, because it shows fictional but rational development.

This post should possibly encourage your brain to create fiction that's not actually derived from the past or the new reality I've mentioned, but actually looks into a new future. Discuss with me, I'm simply curious on what you might think of cyberpunk should be if it were created in 2018.
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