In memories to Nicholas...

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In memories to Nicholas...

Post by HackXIt » Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:05 am

Most of you probably don't care, but I do at least.
Here's Nicholas's history, really liked that Psychologist, though he didn't turn out like he should...
I like histories, and would actually love if more people share it instead of letting it rot around somewhere... At least I put some effort in mine and like to share that little effort. Don't you wanna share too?

---Doc's Office---
Doc, "So, you want to be a Therapist. This session is needed as some sort of final exam, so we'll start with maybe you tell me more about yourself."
Nicholas, "Hmm... I was born in New Carthage. Ya know, the violent city, much crime, much hatred. All that kind of evil lies in this city.
But that's just what people see or think, I see NC as a wonderful place with nice people if you get along with 'em. I can tell you a story about a very good
friend of mine back then...
---Flashback, The Syndrome---
Mick is standing behind the bar, polishing old whiskey glasses, while he looks over to Nicholas, "So, how's it going with the Psycho business?"
Nicholas turns the whiskey glass in his hands, heavily in though and looks up surprised a little bit by the question, "Well.. Uhm, it's running good I guess.
Studying hard, learning fast, me doing stuff like always. And yourself, how's the bar doing?"
Mick sighs softly, and places down the cleaned glass and picks up another one, "Not good. People drink too less and are too violent lately. It's hard to keep
the business up this way. Like just yesterday someone shot down the windows in the bathroom and when I came upstairs and confronted him he started shootin at
me. Had to let him get kicked out and so he was brought away by the NCPD."
Nicholas, "Well, it's always up and downs. Be confident, shit happens anyways."
Mick laughs and nearly drops the glass in his hands, "True enough friend, but this is NC, shit happens 24 hours a day. And speakin of the devil..."
A tall gaunt armored man walks in, holding a pistol, shouting, "So, who's the fucker that got me locked up yesterday?!"
Nicholas looks in the terrified eyes of Mick for a second and turns around, grabbing his sledgehammer tightly, "I did!"
The man looks at Nicholas with anger in his eyes as he points his gun at Nicholas, "Brave man you are, any last words before I give the room a new painting?"
Nicholas turns his head slightly towards Mick without losing sight of the man, "Better to cover, I'll pay ya the damage."
He then walks slowly towards the man, holding his sledgehammerin both hands now, "You look like you've been through lots of shit, shit like drug addiction
and beatings from your father. Your mother cried always in the backroom, though she wouldn't be heard, but you actually did hear her all the time."
The man's hand shakes a little and is closely to pull the trigger, "And you look like sum piece of shit who's blood will be spoiled all over this place now."
After one more little step towards the man, Nicholas throws a knife in the direction of the man, hitting his hand.
The man screams as blood spills out of hand and after he still manages to shoot the gun, hitting Nicholas's arm,
he drops the gun, "YOU STUPID LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT."
Just as he finished these words Nicholas swings his sledgehammer and hits the man hardly on the head and he drops down to the ground unconscious.
Doc, "That sounds pretty violent sir, why would you do that? A therapist would try to calm down the patient and not knock him out."
Nicholas, "That is very true, indeed. But the rules in NC are slightly different. People are born in violence and stay like that. You've got to make bigger
steps to achieve the goal of healing a patient. The story isn't quite done this way. I've put my phone number in the guys pocket and called the cops. I went
to my Cyberdoc and told him I wanted to learn some first-aid...
---Cyberdoc clinic---
C.J. cleans the bloody arm of Nicholas, "Why do you always try to help people out that way man, I'm startin to hate patchin ya up all the time."
Nicholas chuckles slightly, which he stops immidiatly as the pain of the disinfecting alcohol on the fresh wound kicks in, "Why don't ya teach me how to do
it then? First-aid and this shit?"
C.J. stops working on pulling out the bullet of Nicholas's arm for a second, "True enough, we should do that. But I haven't got time today, how about
Wednesday 6 pm?"
Nicholas, "I'm fine with that."
C.J., "So what happened to that guy then?"
Nicholas sighs, "Well after I knocked him out, I gave him my number so he can call me. Also called the NCPD and linked our credsticks to give him a few
credits. Haven't heard from him yet. A shame he managed to hit me once with that pistol after I threw the knife at him."
C.J., "And what will ya do if he calls you?"
Nicholas, "Offer him help of course. I'm not studying psychology to not use it."
Doc, "And? Did he call you?"
Nicholas, "Surprisingly he did. His name is James and he's currently going through a rehab because of the addiction. He's doing good at the moment I think."
Doc, "Doesn't sound that bad in the end then, though, where did you learn to fight like that?"
Nicholas, "Ooh... Funny story. There is this guy, a bodyguard, who's working at that Bar..."
---The Syndrome (again but much earlier in time)---
Jason leans his hammer against the wall and walks towards Nicholas, "Hey, haven't seen you in the city for a long time."
The voice from behind catches Nicholas by surprise and he turns around, "JASON! Indeed, it's been quite some time, but college is keeping me pretty busy.
Good that I meet ya buddy, I've got an favor to ask for."
Jason sits down beside Nicholas, "Oh? Is that so? And about what favor are we talking about exactly?"
Nicholas drinks the rest of his scotch, "Fighting. I want to learn about fighting. Also to build up muscles, only for you of course." ,he giggles slightly.
Jason looks in Nicholas eyes, "And what do I get for that?"
Nicholas leans towards Jason, whispering, "I think spending time with a man, building up muscles, close to each other is a pretty fair price isn't it?"
Jason blushes a little bit before he catches his serious voice, "So shall it be then, I'm gonna teach the great Psycho in our city how to swing a hammer."
Nicholas smiles, "Cool bro. I'll see ya later." He winks towards Jason.
Doc, "So you're homosexual if I got that right?"
Nicholas, "Yea, totally right. That isn't gonna be a problem, is it?"
Doc, "Not at all. But you mentioned that you threw a knife, that requires quite some skills too, right?"
Nicholas, "Oh well, that's another special talent of Jason, but he barely uses it. He teached me that too along with using Melee weapons and how to protect
people." Doc, " It seems you know lots of people in this city, how does that come?"
Nicholas, "Well I'm a social person. If ya grow up in this city, close to the streets you always meet powerful people. I've got many connections to the
underground scene myself. That made me kind of an drug addict too, though I wouldn't see smoking as that much of an addiction or danger."
Doc, "That explains it I guess. In your personal sheet it states that you can fly AV's, how did it come to this?"
Nicholas, "Ah. Well once when I visited my Cyberdoc for a routine check of my photophobia he mentioned this new guy in town..."
---Cyberdoc clinic---
C.J., "So, how are ya eyes doing?"
Nicholas, "Well I guess, I'm wearing my glasses all the time as you said."
C.J. checks his eyes once more, "Good, good. Did ya hear about this new guy? The army pilot?"
Nicholas, "The army pilot? Not really. What's he like?"
C.J., "Ordinary man, average height. He visits the syn pretty often, surprising you haven't met him yet. You should ask him to teach ya little bit flying?"
Nicholas, "Oh? Why should I do so?"
C.J., "Well, appearantly, he's like you."
Nicholas takes a few seconds until he realizes, "Ooooh... Yea I guess I shall meet him sometime then." He grins.
Doc, "And did he teach you?"
Nicholas, "Well, a little bit, he teached me much more about parkour actually. Though we were often 'busy' with other stuff."
Doc, "Ah. So, I guess we are reaching the end of our time then."
Nicholas, "And? The feedback?"
Doc, "Well, in my opinion I won't see any problems why not, though, it won't get easy for you. The therapist funding will supply you with a basic clone
and some money to start things, but then you're all on your own."
Nicholas, "Very well." Doc, "Good luck with your plans, mister Wyse." Nicholas, "Thanks."
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