Chibi CS for people who can't draw

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Chibi CS for people who can't draw

Post by Bushyn » Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:35 am ... -346025144

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A short, squat, pitbull of a man. He speaks in a loud, jovial, Afrikaans accent.
A pair of razor-claw slashes cross his tanned face, 8 thin lines of scar tissue total, extending from his jawline up through his cheeks, nose, and eyebrows. His mouth has been scratched again vertically through both lips, leaving him with an appearance reminiscent of a crudely drawn cartoon skull. His thin eyebrows and short hair are both a dusty shade of blond. His artificial eyes are entirely white, twin orbs like porcelain, devoid of both pupil and iris. His features are angular and exaggerated, further reinforcing the skeletal imagery. He looks either high or insane; noticeably detached from the world around him. A series of 'cut here' dashes have been inked around the base of his throat, above them are three half-dollar sized symbols: a rose, a hissing cat, and a robotic endo-skeleton fucking a severed head; all black. His torso is stocky and solid. An uneven 'X' is tattooed over his heart. His upper arms are thick and muscular. His forearms and hands have been amputated and replaced by black and chrome cybernetics. Three conspicuous ports mark the gaps between the knuckles of each cyberhand, obvious blade talon housings. He has a slight boxer's paunch; just a little padding. 'IMMORTAL' is tattooed in an arch of crude capitals over his belly. He is wearing a pair of lightly faded black jeans with a gray military style belt. A pair of scuffed black leather combat boots cover his feet.
He is in excellent health.
Vos is wielding blade talons.
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Post by HackXIt » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:16 am

THIS is awesome!
I didn't get it to look perfect at all, but at least I tried a little bit.
Maybe sometime I actually attempt to draw one of my chars.
Imagine he has a stuff on the back instead of the don't-know-the-english-word thing

Hunter is wearing a pair of black shades, the thin frames glossy and semi-square shaped. The thick lenses are very dark and reflect Victorian Suite. Hunter's red eyes stand out in his dirty skin. His short, crazy, green hair is attracting much attention, looking really psychotic. Fitted to Hunter's torso is a black cotton short-sleeved shirt. The fabric isn't tight, but isn't loose and baggy either. In the center of the front of the shirt is an image. Grey ink spatters merge and solidify to form a grungy image. The image is of a human skull, and nearly covers the front of Hunter's chest. The image of the skull is wearing a gas mask, and the ink spatters that make up the design drip from the bottom edge of the image like acid trails. He is wearing a pair of relaxed-fit jeans which are held onto his waist by a leather belt that latches with a round dirty chrome buckle carved into the shape of a skull. The pants are baggy, with front and rear pockets, and bunch just a bit around the tops of his shoes. His shoes are a pair of black sneakers. The sneakers feature an authentic black leather upper that stops just below the ankles and rubber outsoles with both oblong and conical cleats, giving the shoes good traction in many weather conditions. The sneakers are laced up with green shoelaces. On his his left forearms there's an honorful looking warrior, without armor, but a long staff wielded in both hands. The stance of warrior resembles martial art. The area surrounding the warrior is filled with drawn, tattoed blood, looking like it's been sprayed all over Hunter's left forearm. His right forearm shows a dragon, in tribal design in black and white. It circles around his forearm, while the space that surrounds it is filled with flames. His hands and fingers appear a bit skinny, showing bones under the skin. However, they seem to be able to deliver tough punches.
GK-47 Protector opens a compartment on her thigh, draws out a mechanically, vibrating and surprisingly appearing 'life like' penis. She attaches it to her groin area and suddenly becomes a 'him'.
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