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Your face here

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:57 pm
by AgentOrrange
I've recently been trying to reteach my hand how to draw like I once did because of my burning desire to starts a web comic. To that end, I need things to doodle. Here's where you come in.

Send me a text snap shot of your character either here or at and maybe a few notes, like how you'd like to see them doing "yadda yadda" Your description (hopefully with your face showing) and your inspect message will probably be fine.

I am going to warn you, if I draw it and post it you'd not going to get a realistic depiction of your character, it's going to look like a cartoon. You face will look most ridiculous of all because my particular cartooning style looks a lot like the "Color Me Happy" comics. You'll have four fingers, slits for eyes, and no nose.

That being said, feel free to send me something and you might see it here. It will help me out. I got halfway through a picture of Myrmidon today before I realized I had drawn a basic body with no head and a falchion cause I didn't know what his character looked like.

Thanks for the help.

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:56 pm
by Bushyn
Just draw a vat grown dude with smooth features and messily spiked bleached hair, wearing a black suit, tie, shoes and belt, with a dark gray shit. Basically Roy Batty from Bladerunner in a dark ass suit. Then place some butchered hobos and dogs at his feet in pieces, add a splash of blood, and a cheshire grin. Razor claws, or his new favorite: a woodman's ax. Done and done, Mr. Blank in a nutshell. Oh and a DNI if the angle is right. Maybe chopping the limbs off a corpse viewed 3/4 from behind, with him looking at the 'camera', spray of blood on his face, evil grin, DNI showing, etc.

Now I want to draw one too...hehe.