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Newbie Chat and You!

Post by Timegrinder » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:11 am

This is going to be a post reminding you all about Newbie Chat and how to use it.

I've posted warnings in the past, some I understand will be lost in the chat scroll, or through peoples clients scrolling long past them before they see them, so I'm making an official post about it that nobody has any excuse to have not read.

Newbie Chat is specifically for people (even oldbies) to ask questions (sometimes ones people feel are 'stupid questions') in order to get some assistance regarding something that should be common OOC knowledge. Sometimes this is 'I'm stumped and cannot work out the command to use this toilet' while other times it could end up being 'the obvious command for <object> is not working, can anyone suggest an alternative they know works?'

While we vastly appreciate the players helping each other via Newbie Chat, there are still some problems with it and because it has been getting flooded lately with unnecessary chatter the following are being officially stated and temporary (or permanent, if you're an ongoing offender) bans will be enforced on players who offend, even if they're helpful.

What Newbie Chat IS for:

- Asking a succinct question regarding something that you feel would be common OOC knowledge. AFTER you have checked help files (ie. 'help <topic' in game), the website wiki (yes, we have one of those, and it's searchable, a lot of help exists there including the entire 'help file' database), and using the 'exam <object>' and 'exam here' commands.
- GIVING a succinct answer to a question. This includes answering with a pointer to the relevant help file wherever possible. If it exists in help, (even if you have to double check first), tell the person that FIRST. This helps people become used to looking up help files that already answer questions before pitching the question to players and administrators. Keep it to a single line, even if it's a long sentence. DO NOT post 3-5 lines giving an answer like newbie chat is your instant messaging service as this is immersion breaking for those in game who are listening to the chat for their own information or to possibly give assistance.
- Welcoming a new player who triggers a '<Player> is new to the game!' message

Keep it strictly to a "Question" - "Answer" format ONLY.

What Newbie Chat is NOT for:

- Asking for help for something when you quite obviously have not checked the help files, examine commands or the website first. If you're going to be lazy and constantly ask Newbie Chat questions that are already answered in written documentation we are going to take notice of it. (The occasional error in this is fine, as long as when people respond regarding checking the help files you learn to do so first. And we can see when you have, so playing dumb won't help you.)
- Asking IC information, or something that you can find out IC'ly if you think about it. ex. "I'm trying to find <location> but it's not on the map". or "I have a heavy machinegun, where's the best place to go to kill people?". If it's something extremely specific that your character already knows about but you cannot OOC'ly seem to work out how to interact with it even after using help and examine (ie, specific interactions with an AHaB which operate on particular requirements like what keyword to use when speaking to them, ask an admin, even if you have to wait to do so)
- Answering a question that has already been answered. (If someone gets a correct answer out before you do, leave it, it's done, you don't have to add your confirmation as well, you're not winning any points by doing so.)
- Having conversations on topics people have asked about (if you do not have a direct, straight forward answer to give, even if that answer is "Sorry that seems to be IC info, find out IC'ly", then do NOT respond at all.) -- I cannot emphasise this problem enough as it is the number 1 issue we face clogging newbie chat and flooding ALL people who listen to it.
- Whining about something that has happened in any way, shape, or form. (Just like Discord. If you've got an IC problem, deal with it IC'ly. If you've got an OOC problem that is a -real- problem, feel free to submit it to the admin to look at)
- Asking for admin assistance. If admin are available directly to contact in game then they will show up in the @who list. We're not always on the proverbial clock, so we may be online but we may be unavailable to assist for any number of reasons.
- Giving your commentary on the game, positive OR negative.
- Anything else not stated in the 'IS FOR' list.

I'll give it a few days to a week for the regular players, and occasionally hand out a 'refer to this post for rules' that you may not breach or ignore, and people that are less active slightly more leniency, but if you find that you've had your access to Newbie Chat removed, it's because we've seen you doing something you're not meant to.

Responses to this post with "If people don't like it they can just stop listening" will not be taken well, as people listen in order to learn or help and otherwise shouldn't have to deal with the other unnecessary sends to it. This is us telling you the rules regarding it, not a debate in high school 'How much shit can I talk' club.

Newbie Chat, is something we implemented in order for people to help each other when admins weren't available or other resources were exhausted, please do not abuse it.
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Re: Newbie Chat and You!

Post by Ptolemais » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:19 am

Hi, everyone.

Bumping this because I think everyone needs a reminder of what is and isn't allowed on newbienet.

This is the only channel that broadcasts across the entire MOO so we need to make sure we're being respectful of the people who are listening to it to help out but might not want their immersion broken by regular unrelated chatter or unnecessary conversation.

Please re-read these guildelines. I haven't said anything yet but I'm going to start gently chastising people again from here on out. And not so gently, if need be.

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Re: Newbie Chat and You!

Post by Pennywise » Wed Nov 29, 2023 11:57 am

Bumping this because I feel that we've gotten lax regarding newbie-net usage.

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