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Character Generation and you!

Post by Timegrinder » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:51 am


This is a note to remind people that ADVANCED (Tier3) character generation was originally created to provide a more well rounded and better developed character for people to start the game with. It was intended for people who were able to provide sufficient investment and detail over the STANDARD (Tier2) characters that people had been playing for years.

Over the years, however, ADVANCED has become the new STANDARD for new characters and we, the admin, have slowly grown complacent over that time (as mostly, some of us have a lot less time on our hands to go through peoples submissions with a fine toothed comb to make sure they meet all of the requirements clearly stated in the help files and wiki articles regarding Tier3 submissions, but we haven't wanted to cause that to greatly impact your, the players, play time between characters).

However: We're seeing significant abuse of this complacency, with a lot of Tier3 characters over the last year entering game with Tier2 or even sub Tier2 standard submission quality. Meaning you would UTTERLY FAIL to get approved in Tier3, and likely receive at least one denial trying to even get this shit through Tier2.

The requirements for ALL histories, at the minimum, are the same. You MUST provide a biography (in whichever format you want to write it in, but some kind of prose is preferred) that includes ALL of your skills and advantages explained CLEARLY (we also prefer mention of any high stats as well, even in passing). You could flat out state you trained with a guerilla army in the wastelands, or you could just be so absolutely capable of specific skills that you take a training advantage without actually having the training (and tell us this is why). Sometimes you SHOULD spell it out for us and not just vaguely infer things and get irate when we don't pick up on it.

ADVANCED (Tier3)'s requirements are higher in that you provide much more detail and depth regarding your character's backstory, you fill out the public history appropriately (this should be done for Tier2 as well. The public history is amalgamated by corporations etc studying you over your life and recording the major details and should reflect this), and you show a greater investment into the roleplay and general creation of the character.

Properly done Tier3 submissions shouldn't be banged out in under an hour (unless you're EXTREMELY well versed in it), they should be worked on for longer, write your biography like you actually care about it or you've put decent thought into it and structure the character as such.

Advanced was always intended for the hardcore high quality players and people creating high quality roleplay for the playerbase at large. It was intended as slightly better treatment for those people willing and able to put in the extra mile for themselves and the game.

If you have a character concept you want to make, but get denied because you're unable to flesh it out appropriately and CONTINUE to submit it half complete, you will get sent to Standard. BUT! If you care that much about the character, keep it recorded and work on the finer details over time while playing another character. Some of the best character concepts and plays have been fleshed out by their player while playing a different character entirely.

One of the keys here, in general, is not to rush your submissions. We understand you want to get back into play, but everyone should take a short break between characters to reset, and you can do that in chargen.

Should it come to it in the future, the issues surrounding ADVANCED, the way players are treating it, and the change in the nature of involvement across the board may result in its removal entirely.


TL:DR; -- Advanced is being treated like the new Standard and the submission quality is low (sometimes, lower than Tier2 quality requirement). Expect it to return to previously difficult levels. Expect to get denied and sent back to Standard if you don't show you've put in proper thought and effort. Expect to not get your hand held and every single little detail explained to you, you should be able to work it out for yourselves.
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