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Game and community rules updates

Post by Timegrinder » Sat Feb 06, 2021 2:17 am

Hello everyone,

As the years roll by, the world around us changes and evolves, new issues arise and old ones are no more. As a result of this, the way we, as a community, behave toward each other and toward the game systems also has to evolve.

In light of this, the game and community rules that we have all lived by for so long have been updated to better reflect the current climate of both the game, our community, and the world in general.

The new rules are already available to be perused both in game and online. Be aware that if you read them in game (using the `@rules` command) that you will be required to agree to them in order to continue playing.

Within the coming days -ALL- players will be required to read the updated rules and choose whether they agree to them to continue playing, or choose to decline if they do not wish to continue to be part of the community under them.

To view the new rules in their entirety on the website:

Otherwise you may read and agree to the rules in game using the command:


Please note if you agree to the rules in game you will need to agree again once we put them into full effect, but they will not be changed between this post and then without prior warning.

Once the new rules are in place, as usual, if you agree to them you will be held by them without exceptions. This applies to all rules as normal for each system.
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