The Things We Make and the Things You Are Told

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The Things We Make and the Things You Are Told

Post by Pennywise » Sat Dec 31, 2022 1:23 pm

Happy Last Day of the Year Cybersphere Players!

Unless you've already in 2023, in which case, you are all cunts.

(Yes, Rain will probably sue me for stealing his bit.)

As most of you are either new or returning, it is understandable that you are trying to figure out the "best gear" for your character, whether that be weapons, armor, tech, etc. Many of you have sought this information from established players either IC (cookie) or OOC (frowny face).

I would like to touch on a few things to guide you in your quest for knowledge, as well as your desire to enjoy this game.

1. Our oldbies are idiots. Really. I say this with the utmost love, but they are morons. Players here get it in their heads that some things are the best things in the game, nothing that has been made or nothing that will be made will ever be better.

2. I reiterate, our oldbies are idiots. Like window licking, need to wear helmets when they leave the house, idiots. They think that once we know that this is the case, we're not going to do anything to change it. Little secret here, in the spirit of a late Christmas present -- I rebalanced the entire weapon system in 2022. Adujusting the stats on some and creating new ones entirely. None of you know this because none of you have bothered to try any of the weapons that aren't the "current meta" as you kids are fond of saying.

3. Those of us on staff are OLD. Like "never trust anyone over 30" old. We have full time jobs, families and in some cases, kids. We don't have a lot of free time and of the free time we do have, you can see how much if it we dedicate to the game we have been running for almost 30 years. Ask yourselves this question, "WHY would we waste that precious time, time that we could be spending with our families, raising our children or most importantly, playing Escape From Tarkov? Why would we waste that time creating things that suck?

4. Nothing that we make exists without a fault or a flaw or a weakness. And the things that do, we are replacing or modifying. CS does not have a godmode, and if one exists, we will patch it out.

To conclude, because I need to go get gas in my big fucking SUV, put in a load of laundry and get to my 2:00pm dinner (old person, remember?) CS is a roleplaying game. We understand that everyone wants their character to be the best at what they do. But ask yourself this: Is that really what you want from a roleplaying game? A game where you have the opportunity to create a unique persona (one that we require a good amount of detail and jumping through hoops to even get into the game!) who has the opportunity to be memorialized in a world with nearly 30 years of history?