Kingpin, Janya, Package Express and YOU!

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Kingpin, Janya, Package Express and YOU!

Post by Pennywise » Fri Mar 03, 2023 10:40 am

I have, in my omnipotence, noticed some of you complaining that many of the game systems -={DESIGNED FOR NEW CHARACTERS}=- limit the amount of credits you can make. Additionally, some of you have been making passive aggressive meta comments in the vein of "How do they know how much money we have? Do they have an elaborate word of mouth network making them really good at guessing the amount in our bank accounts? Do they constantly monitor our bank accounts?"

If you want an OOC answer: The package delivery jobs are for new characters to build up enough credits that will allow them to acquire the necessities: a clone, an apartment, some basic gear, some basic implants, not to serve as a permanent source of income.

If you want an IC answer: They're criminals. Kingpin is Kaiser Soze and Janya controls more than you can possibly imagine from her casino. They have legions of deckers who monitor every bank transaction of every person who walks through their door. And before you go off about how unrealistic that is, think about the fact that they have been giving you packages to deliver for 30 years. They have built a wide network of contacts and acquired many credits during that time.

If you want to press the issue, we can always remove the caps on the amounts you're allowed to earn before you're cut off and go back to the old days where they didn't give you additional jobs at random when you completed the deliveries, and make their jobs only pay out 150-200 credits.