Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

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Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by Timegrinder » Sat Nov 25, 2023 8:01 pm


Yes, some of you might have thought I was dead (or gotten sick of your shit :P), but I've been back for a little while.

For my next trick, I would like 2-5 able-minded volunteers who are willing to test out a detailed help update.

You will need to be:
  • vaguely active, hopefully at least enough that I could catch you for a conversation or two for feedback
  • an older player (at least several years) and already have major familiarity with the game
  • in good standing (whatever that means)
Be aware:
  • I will have full logging of uses, abuses, and general dickery
  • I will have full logging of results to see what succeeds, what fails, and how

Now, to the fun part!

The new command will be provided to the lucky weiners via a feature (meaning you can't share it with your friends) and the basis of the system should allow you to look up help topics in a variety of ways. There is some internal intelligence to it, so the aim of it is for you to be able to do the following things:
  • Look up an item (it only works on an item you can see in the room, whether your own inventory, the floor, or visible on someone ELSES (yes, that's right) body).
  • - ex. help rain's dildo would take you to the article 'Sex Toys' (no these don't exist).
  • - ex. help yellow debit card (if you have one on you) will take you to the article 'Debit Cards' etc
  • - ex. help suitcase nuke would take you to the article 'Zero Day' (not really)
  • Look up a special type of room
  • - ex help here when in a cybershop, or clone arranger, will take you to the article 'Cybershop' or 'Clone Arranger'
  • Look up a command on an item or room
  • - ex help operate on here in a cybershop will give you the detailed command article 'Cybershop/Operate'
  • Look up a type of item
  • - ex help Qetesh's codpiece would take you to the 'Mesh Armor' article
Some caveats:
  • It doesn't do implants (yet)
  • Many categories are missing because I have to add a lot of things to a database AND write detailed (and specifically structured) help files for them (there's currently 75 types and sub-types of items already added, I started with some of more 'What the fuck is this' offenders like missiles, mines, grenades, weapons, radios, some furniture etc)
  • Many of the categories that ARE there won't have detailed help for actual commands
Overall, you should eventually be able to find *any* thing, and get a help article on what type of thing it is and how to use it. Can't work out what that gun was because you can't read an inspect message? The help article will match it for you and tell you that it's an assault shotgun and which end is the business end and which thing to press to turn people into a fine pink mist with it.

define: 'favourable outcome'

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Re: Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by Enven » Sun Nov 26, 2023 4:25 am

I'm game to help, sure.

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Re: Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by Clowndog » Sun Nov 26, 2023 6:58 am

I will volunteer

Pros -

I have no friends (at least I dont use the discord or know anyone oocly)
I am active every day
I have been doing this and weeping when it goes back to nothing for long time so it is part of my nature

cons -

.. searching ..

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Re: Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by RogerHandle32 » Sun Nov 26, 2023 7:36 am

Moderately old player. 4 years+. Yessir

Have played on and off but ya'll know me i think.

Am in good standing. Am on roughly every day plus or minus one-two days.

Count me in for helpin' ya'll.

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Re: Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by Anaphora » Wed Nov 29, 2023 10:21 am

I was trying to think of something clever to put here but I couldn't come up with something in time.
I'll help!

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Re: Testers for updated wiki help lookup system

Post by Necaladun » Thu Dec 21, 2023 11:42 pm

Sign me up to help if you still need

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