What's in the box?!

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What's in the box?!

Post by Timegrinder » Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:37 am

(Hint: It's not a severed head. Or it could be. If you're into ordering that kind of thing in bulk)

Due to price increases in technology and resource shortages the spatial compression feature of your bulk containers is no longer available.

Bulk containers (ammo, drugs, ordinance etc) will now no longer be magical bag's of holding that you can pull ridiculously sized objects out of (such as pulling 5 rocket launchers out of a container the size of a shoe box) and will now better reflect the contents of what is originally shipped in the box.

What this will mean is that some containers that hold very small items will in fact get smaller, while containers that hold very large items will in fact get so realistically big that you might not be able to cram them into the very tiny spaces some of you try to put them in (ie, you can no longer shelve that crate of grenades to keep the fuzz from finding it)

If you're wondering why your crate of rocket launchers is now an actual crate, a meter on its side instead of being able to fit into your pocket, then this is why.

[NOTE: This does not retroactively apply to existing containers, only new bulk containers, so you will see the change appear slowly and gradually as people buy new things]
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