Advanced / Tier 3 Character Generation Availability

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Advanced / Tier 3 Character Generation Availability

Post by Timegrinder » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:21 am

Hello everybody!

Just to let you know, some of the new / newer players may find that when they end up back in character generation they're unable to access ADVANCED / Tier 3 character generation.

This has been a long overdue alteration that was put in place for a few reasons, pretty much all of them are for the players long term benefit.

Due to the high requirements and submission standards needed to get a character through ADVANCED / Tier 3 character generation many newer players have found it difficult to get through over the recent years, and some have even found the experience to be a road block to playing the game entirely. The issue was also exacerbated by the amount of investment players have to sink into getting through ADVANCED character generation vs the violent and often short lives their characters end up having, making it feel more like a chore or a major loss when the game is meant to be enjoyed.

ADVANCED character generation was, after all, designed to give the more role play and plot driven players access to some expanded role play capabilities to better enhance the game world for everyone, and the sheer nature of the character generation pathway being labelled 'ADVANCED' or 'Tier 3' makes it seem on the surface as if you get a 'better character' out of using it, when the only bonuses to it over STANDARD / Tier 2 character generation are expanded depth and scope of the character for role play purposes.

As such, BASIC and STANDARD are still available, but ADVANCED will be gated until the player has spent some time playing the game, has had time to get a handle on the game world, its history, theme and so on from both an IC experience and an OOC one.

You won't get a specific amount of time, but generally speaking regular players should find that they get access to it within 3-6 months of normal play, giving plenty of time for even a casual player to become familiar with the game world and its inhabitants. In special cases, where a player has shown exceptional role play capabilities and in depth understanding of the game, we can manually enable access to the pathway for them.

Please DO NOT ask for us to enable the pathway for you, but please DO report to us any bugs or issues, such as older players finding they're suddenly unable to access it.

Play time will be counted across all of your characters, so you shouldn't find that going on vacation results in you losing access.
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