Goggles and glasses

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Goggles and glasses

Post by Crux » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:25 pm

Small quality of life improvement: most types of purchasable goggles and glasses are now (mostly) transparent rather than opaque, and will show your face.

As well, they use the tag system in an attempt to hide one's eyes, if you too are using the tag system to that end. Feel free to use that as well, if you don't want your eyes to be visible. Because you probably don't want your eyes to be visible.

Code: Select all

@naked_head me is "%N has %hairlength %hairstyle %haircolor hair. %![<eyes>]%S has %eyecolor eyes.[/<eyes>]!% %P lips are twisted in an eternal soundless scream at the insanity of the fellow humans around %o.
As always... you can use tags for other such things. It's a neat little thing, after all.

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