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Post by Rain » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:00 am


Updated bodyguarding to be a bit more interesting, see help bodyguard for the details that I'm also writing below because I know full well you bastards won't type help bodyguard unless there's money in it for you.

Changes to the old system are in italics for emphasis.
  • In combat, a bodyguard will attempt to interpose him/herself between the attacker and the victim. If successful, the attack will be redirected at the bodyguard.
  • Bodyguards that are actively attacking their own targets (targets that aren't trying to kill the person that the bodyguard is guarding) will suffer a penalty against defending the victim.
  • A bodyguard can choose to defend a target against a certain enemy only, or a category of attack - ranged or close.
  • The victim's own attacks will be compromised to a degree due to the bodyguard's interference, depending on who or what the bodyguard is defending the victim from.
  • The bodyguard's ability to successfully defend the victim is determined by the bodyguard's quickness (agility), ability to assess the threats in the area (perception) and willingness to take injury on the victim's behalf (willpower).
  • More than one bodyguard can be assigned to defend a victim. However, a bodyguard can only guard one victim at a time.
  • Bodyguards cannot defend people who are themselves actively body guarding someone.

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