I hate having to make this kind of post, but...

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I hate having to make this kind of post, but...

Post by George Eliot » Sat Sep 27, 2008 8:07 pm

Here we go. I've been noticing some HUGE FUCKING PROBLEMS lately and have therefore authored this thoughtful piece entitled "Metagaming and YOU"

What is Metagaming, you ask? Roughly, we could define it as using OOC resources to achieve an IC advantage, PARTICULARLY in reference to a group of people who know each other OOCly or IRL and who provide each other assistance across multiple characters, or via IM, Skype, TeamSpeak or other OOC communication method.

Some common metagaming situations to avoid, because they make George contemplate making your character explode:
Your OOC buddy is about to perm a char, so you offer to hold his gear and/or creds for his next character.

Your character has just permed for whatever reason, and you make your next char as his relative so you can take advantage of your former character's associations. If the admin let this sort of history through, it is a HUGE MISTAKE and someone was asleep at the damned switch.

You are being attacked so you IM your friends to get them to log in and come save you.

Your char is trapped somewhere without complant access, so you IM your buddies and tell them where your char is so they can come save you/recover your corpse/etc etc.

These examples are by no means exhaustive, but they are very, very sadly typical and as I've mentioned, they make me want to explode your character repeatedly until you get the picture.
At the very freakin least, pay some lip service to the concept of ICness here and just. fucking. stop. with the cheating and the metagaming already.
As a further note, if your buddy is someone living close by/with you/whatever, the rule of thumb is that your characters SHOULD NOT INTERACT. At all. No gear transfers, no cred transfers, no nothing.

Does this mean that you cannot get to know your fellow players OOCly? Of course not. It does, however, require you to be honest, be ethical, and play the game within IC constraints and within the rules.
Please see Rule 5 for further clarification on these issues.

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Re: I hate having to make this kind of post, but...

Post by Hymn » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:04 pm

I'm bumping this post.
Why? Because it's clearly very relevant with the influx of new players, also as a warning.

I will add though in relation, the OOC collusion that's transpiring ICly is beyond measure.

Play your characters ICly, not OOCly. Job systems are being played OOC, while players are not playing the groups they are in ICly.

If you are in the Mafia or another Syndicate, then freaking play it. Go after people on the hitlist, even your OOC friends ffs. In either case, if you want to handhold with your OOC buddies, or actually play a corrupt character type, expect IC consequences.

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Re: I hate having to make this kind of post, but...

Post by Zaryad » Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:46 pm

Good post, totally agree.

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Re: I hate having to make this kind of post, but...

Post by Pennywise » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:46 pm

Bumping this post as it seems to require it.


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