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Post by Drago » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:47 pm

Vasili Dyakov was born in the year 2016 on the 5th of November at 12:22am. He was born the in the National Hospital in Ryazan and was diagnosed with Photophobia a few minutes after he was born as he started to scream in pain soon after getting into the light. Vasili was born into quiet a rich and powerful family. Vasili’s farther Boris Dyakov was a high ranking general in the USSR army and his mother Akilina Dyakov was a powerful member of the USSR government. Due to his parents positions of power, Vasili gained an arrogant personality and new that “He could do no wrong” from a very early age.

Vasili was sent to a boarding school at the age of 4 as his parents believed that this would give Vasili an advantage in life and would teach him to be strong and independent if he was on his own. At the school Vasili was taught English, Japanese and became quite fluent in them as he grew older. By the age of 7 the school had started to teach Vasili fencing. Vasili loved this glass and made it his goal to be the best student of the blade the school had seen. However his arrogant nature made him quite a lot of enemies in stead of friends and many of the other children avoided contact with him. This did not detour him however, it only seemed to make him better at his lessons as there were less people to get in his way.

Vasili now 10 started to sneak out at night to explore the school. He decided to test out his ability to see in the dark which is photophobia and blessed him with. He also knew that night time was the only time that he could get away with not wearing his sunglasses. He continuously prowled the school every night constantly getting caught by members of staff but making them stay quiet by using his parents power over them. This gave him a false sense of untouchability and he became more reckless as time passed. He started to make his own lock picks and started to teach himself how to break into various rooms within the school that he deemed “worth” breaking into. He became increasingly better at this as time went on and even started charging other students to retrieve contraband items they had been caught with.

Vasili moved up into the higher end of the school when he became 12. It was only now that his parents took and interest in him and started to visit him at the school, though he didn’t see why.
“I’ve vived long enough vithout you, vhy do I need you now,” is what he used to say every time his parents visited him, much to his mother’s dismay. His father knew that this arrogant attitude had to be curbed and curbed fast. His father decided to send Vasili to motorcycling classes when his lessons had finished for the day as he knew that Vasili would enjoy this and that “Russian motorcycling is tougher than some military training vark my vords” Vasili did in fact enjoy these lessons and did find them to be quite gruelling. He had to put aside his arrogant was in order to advance, this served him well and he became quite skilled in riding a bike. These lessons went on a long time along side Vasili’s other lessons and fencing class and of course his less than legit locksmithing.

Now 15 Vasili had risen to an outstanding level of swordsmanship. His tutor put him in the advanced classes. This class didn’t just deal with parry and trust techniques, but also the history of the blade and how to tend to the wounds of another. Vasili never saw the point in learning how to heal a victim of his attacks but soon would in latter years. Vasili persevered with his doubts and became very skilled with a first aid kit and more so with a sword.

Vasili, now 17 had finished all of his motorcycle lessons and had become something of an expert on the subject of them. He had realized the potential of wielding a sword on a bike in combat thanks to an old CD that he found in his father’s attic one night on a home visit. The CD was an album of a heavy metal band called “Manowar” and they spoke of riding bikes like stead which made Vasili consider riding his bike into combat, sword in hand exactly like a cavalry charge in medieval wars. He practiced this on a daily basis and found that the attacks where quite potent with the extra horse power behind them. Still bored however it was suggested to him, to take up electronics as an extra curricular activity. Vasili did this and in his spare time started to learn about electronics but found no great love for this and never became very good, however he knew he would with practice and hard work just like he had done with everything else. He started looking at different electrical lockpicking devices that he’d heard about on the matrix and found that a lot of them had to be put together by an electrician. This made Vasili more determined that ever to get better with electronics.

Now 18, Vasili left school with great knowledge in lockpicking, first aid and motorcycling. He had also become a master with a blade and an avid student of electronics. But this hard working attitude wasn’t to last as a letter arrived a couple of days after his 18th birthday. The letter informed him that his father and mother had been killed by insurgents seeking to destroy the USSR army and government in a bid to destroy the common wealth and end communism in Russia. This sent Vasili into a rage. He spent some time gathering information about the insurgents and amassing a gang of trained combat bikers in order to have vengeance.

After a year of gathering intelligence and men, Vasili was finally ready to launch his assault on the insurgent camp 100 or so miles outside of Ryazan. Vasili ordered his men to charge at night, that way he wouldn’t have to do battle in sunglasses and his enemies would be able to look into his eyes before death struck them. Vasili charge straight through a line of insurgents killing me left and right with his katana named “Russia’s Revenge”. Vasili finally came across the insurgent leader Dimitry Krosav and dismounted from his bike. The two men stared at each other a moment until Vasili spoke.
“Vell comrade, I’ve vunted you for 2 years and now I vinally have you.”
Apparently Dimitry wasn’t surprised to see Vasili and told him “I knew you’d attempt to kill me one day comrade, just a matter of time and vad luck in terms of I couldn’t vind you.” Vasili just grins at this remark and utters the words he would later become famous in all of Russia for.
“Das-vi-danya comrade, you’ve vearnd a painful death for all of mother Russia”

Having completed his vengeance, Vasili was tempted to disband his gang. However he decided to form a private military corporation (PMC). He decided to call the PMC “Red Russian Army”, and became famous for wearing red bands around the arms of there uniform with the insignia of two crossed swords with the letter R on each of the two blades. It was during this time that Vasili met a woman called Diana was a English woman who had moved to Russia and was originally hired as the accountant of the Red Russian Army. The two became lovers but it was not to last. A close friend of Vasili’s had also taken a liking to Diana and had begun an affair with her behind Vasili’s back. When Vasili learnt of this, not long after it had began, he flew into a rage that had not dwelled within him since he had killed Dimitry over a year ago. Vasili jumped on his bike and draw his sword and drove around the city looking for his new enemy. Suddenly he found him and charged, Vasili’s blade sliced deep within his friends flesh mid body. However the wound wasn’t immediately fatal and his friend fell to the ground in Diana’s arms bleeding. Vasili dismounted and with calm steps, approached his pray with an emotionless expression on his face.
“Das-vi-danya comrade, you’ve vearned a painful death…”. The words left his mouth but the final blow never came. Vasili had seen the look in Diana’s eyes and deep inside him, he still cared for her and couldn’t kill his former friend. Vasili sheathed his sword and bent down tending to the wounds of the man he had just wounded, he’d now learned why he had to learn to tend to the wounds of his enemy. Vasili called and ambulance and left on his bike, not looking back at Diana.

Vasili disbanded the PMC and left Russia. He travelled to a city in America called New Carthage where he has lived for 3 months. Vasili travelled to the city hoping to find someone who could use his talents and maybe he could start up a new PMC…..

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