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Severian walked up to Leonard's desk brusquely.
Severian: "Hi. We're a security team, doing a check."
Time seemed to move in slow motion for a moment. You saw the hammer of Severian's Sanguinius Python fall, a flash of gun powder and smoke from the barrel, the bullet as it entered Leonard's forehead, and finally the exit as everything behind Leonard was redecorated in brain matter grey.

-- Severian, storming the Kurita-Hillman arcology.

You are a Solo. Hired soldier, finely trained weapon, sometimes bodyguard, sometimes assassin. Master of firearms and tactics, always loyal to none. The op contract is your bible, the corporate talent scouts your prophets. Your life is measured by intervals of firefights, small jobs in corporate armies, and time spent in trauma/med regenerative tanks.

You don't kill in cold blood. You kill for money.

Solos are the veteran cybersoldiers of the future, mercenaries and hired shock-troops. Their careers and talents take many forms, but violence and warfare are always the dominant forces in their lives. Combat cyberware, high-tech armour, and cutting-edge firearms characterize solo style.