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As a player, your history sets the tone for your entire experience within CyberSphere. The character history is the backbone that shapes your character and subsequently the characters that interact with him/her. In order to make a solid character history it is best to take some of the following things into consideration.

Reader Note: Please take into consideration that there is no right or wrong way to make a character history. You, as the controller, are free to do whatever you wish, as long as you follow the guidelines of the game. However, by allowing you to see examples of the histories of successful players, you will get some understanding to becoming a successful player yourself.

Game History

Before you write anything, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the game history. This may seem like a burden at first, but by having a solid understanding of the history of the game, you will have a far easier time developing working characters with little or no effort. You can check 'help world-history' in game, or read it here.


Spend some time thinking about your character's family life. Of course, you may not have literal parents in the game, but that should not stop you from having some idea of who your character's parents were. Try to stay away from stereotypes and conventions that are common to literature and movies. The lone soldier who grew up without parents and raised himself is very much over-used, so stay away from themes similar to that. Spend some time thinking about your character's family life. Don't let the fact that you won't have any literal parents in the game affect your choices -- use your imagination in both your background and in role-playing the existence of 'virtual' parents.


The childhood of your character should have influence on how your character acts in the game world. Having a solid understanding of how your character grew up will provide a stronger backbone to who your character is and what his/her role is in the game world.

Social Interaction

This is VERY important! It is your job to determine how your character acts and responds to others in the game world. Your history should act as your reference guide to how social your character is.


This is the foundation to a solid character. Sadly, this is where many inexperienced players fall short when creating a character. Goals of money and power are extremely over-used in the roleplaying world and it is difficult for many players actually meet their goals in that aspect. Regardless of what your character's goal is in the game, you must have an idea of why he/she wants to achieve the goal and how it will be accomplished. The most important things to remember when creating goals for your character is that you CANNOT achieve anything without roleplaying.

Ultimately, experience makes all the difference in successful players in the game. Chances are you will not learn everything you can about the game on your first couple of characters, so do not feel frustrated if you do not meet the goals and expectations you set for yourself. The best thing to do is continue trying and to NOT GIVE UP. If you die and are upset, take some time to yourself and try again.

Character History Samples

The following are some examples of player histories. They're a way to get an idea of various ways a history may be constructed.

Resist the urge to copy them. We'll know if you do.

Samples will vary but provide a range of the submission and writing quality that we are looking for.


Character Biography


Character Biography

Mr. Bungle

Character Biography