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A brand new company dealing exclusively in software applications for netrunning, Green Knight is composed of several high ranking programmers and mid level executives that decided to leave Epoch Electronics, forseeing the financial trouble that the corporation was facing.

Green Knight caters almost exclusively to low and middle income deckers assuring, 'Corporate quality at an affordable price.' Green Knight Software also boasts a line of low level compilers for those who wish to write their own software.

Company Logo: A fractalized knight in a full suit of glowing green armor. It carries a wickedly sharp double-edged axe slung over one shoulder. In its free hand is a large, round shield composed of an intricate weave of circuitry.

Main Office: Located in the corporate section of the London metroplex. A small five story building near the center of the corporate zone.

Regional Offices: None.

Matrix Access Sites: London, Tokyo, Germany, North Africa, Neo Chicago, New Carthage.

Employees: 75 programmers. 10 security. 3 reception. Management: Jared Williamson CEO/Major Shareholder. Robert Harris Vice-President. Mariko Sonomi Lead Programmer. Willam Markowitz Head of Security. Amanda Chapman PR/Marketing.