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Complant mailboxes provide a means for people to purchase, use and share mailboxes other than their personal box. Create a new mailbox:

In your com, access the mail section with -m
You'll see two new options (-n and -c)
-n will show you the usage guidelines (-n <mailbox> <password)
There is a one-time setup fee and a weekly maintenance fee associated with creating mailboxes.
They are password protected and can be accessed by anyone that you give the password to. Or anyone who gets the password to it were.
There's currently no mechanism to recover or change a complant p

Changing to a mailbox:

Whenever you create a mailbox, you'll be dropped into it. To exit out of a mailbox to your personal box, use -x and re-enter the mail section with -m
To change to a different mailbox, use -c (-c <mailbox> <password>) from the mail section of your coms.
Sending mail from a mailbox:
Whatever mailbox you are currently in when you try to send a mail is where the mail will actually come from.
When you -m to send a mail, it will inform you of where you're sending from, so you're not caught by surprise.
Similarly, whenever a mailbox receives a mail, anyone that is currently in that mailbox will be notified.

Deleting a mailbox:

To delete a mailbox that you no longer want/need, access the mailbox and use -d.
Alternatively, you can cancel the weekly maintenance subscription which will delete all of your mailboxes.
Cancelling your weekly maintenance subscription WILL delete your mailboxes. If this is not what you want to happen...don't cancel it.