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Widely believed to be one of the most effective group of highly-trained, skilled assassins, Deathguild is a haven for the less scrupulous and the power hungry. Although its services are expensive and its contract rare, a full-out Deathguild Deathmark is something to be feared as its members are known to be relentless hunters. Deathguild members rarely advertise their services, although some members do make an exception to this. Some parties feel that Deathguild is not, in fact an assassin's guild at all, but is actually an elite power bloc. However, the voices that raise this concern are few and far between and under the auspices of their own laws, Deathguild tends to move where it will and generally shows little respect for other institutions. No visible symbol stands to mark Deathguild members, aside from a guild member's own personal declarations.

OOC Information
Sponsor Nobody
Player Membership Active